Twitter experimenting with Stories-like feature called Fleets

Twitter is experimenting with a Stories-like feature called Fleets.

The social network, which has struggled to compete with the likes of Facebook and Instagram in recent years, is trialing Fleets in some markets; effectively, they’re the same as Instagram and Snapchat Stories, lasting for 24 hours before being deleted.

Unlike tweets, Fleets cannot be liked, retweeted, or commented on publicly.

The company follows Snapchat, which was the first app to launch ephemeral content on its platform.

Since the success of Snapchat,  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and others have added short-form, one-day video and image content to their platforms in an attempt to increase in-app engagement and drive revenue.

According to TechCrunch, Twitter is trialing the new Fleets feature in Brazil, and it had offered a blog post on the subject to discuss what it could mean for users. “Fleets are for you to share your ideas and momentary opinions,” the company said.

“These posts disappear after 24 hours and have no Retweets, likes or public comments. In an initial survey, people told us that, once the Fleets are gone, they are more comfortable sharing everyday and everyday thoughts. We hope that those people who are not usually comfortable with Tweeting use Fleets to talk about the reflections that come to their head.”

As with Instagram Stories, Fleets can be based on text, as well as videos, photos, and GIFs.

Followers can rely on Fleets, but it will be delivered as a Direct Message.

Fleets won’t be shown in Search or Moments, and because they only live for 24 hours, they can’t be embedded onto other websites, so screenshots will need to be taken.

Reaction to Fleets has been mixed so far, with #RIPTwitter trending.

Many users feel that Fleets would make the network too similar to Instagram and Facebook and that it would remove some of the magic of what makes Twitter Twitter.

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