Twitter Leaker Says Verizon Will Carry Unannounced iPad Mini 4

Rumors have circulated about a possible iPad Mini 4 for months now, but concrete details about the tablet remain elusive, and there have even been suggestions that Apple will cease new additions to its line of small form tablets. It is, therefore, quite eye-opening that Evan Bass, who has regularly leaked information about unannounced products through his Twitter page at @evleaks, has declared that cellular Internet provider Verizon is genuinely set to carry the iPad Mini 4.

Much of the usual mystery surrounding the tablet, however, still remains. It has been sensibly suggested, however, that the Mini 4 will use Apple’s A8X or A9 processor, have 2 GB of RAM, and be physically thinner than its predecessor, the iPad Mini 3, the current latest version of the Mini that the company revealed last autumn.

Given that this tablet came with a fingerprint sensor, we think that this feature will come as standard with the next iteration. A wider range of colors to choose from also seems a distinct possibility, especially as an additional color, gold, was introduced for the Mini 3.

Bass has not stated when Verizon will start offering the iPad Mini 4, but it seems likely to be shortly after October, as that is the usual time of the year that Apple officially unveils its new version of the Mini.

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