Twitter Letting Reporting of Multiple Abusive Tweets at Once

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In its continued mission to stamp out abuse on its platform, Twitter is now allowing users to report multiple abusive tweets simultaneously. This should help to speed up the process of reporting abuse – as, previously, such problem tweets could only be reported one-by-one.

In a blog post, Twitter safety engineer Hao Tang points out that “behavior that crosses the line into abuse is against our rules”, and that attaching multiple tweets to a report “makes it easier for you to provide us with more information about the extent of abuse and reduces the time it takes to do so.”

Furthermore, being able to flag up several abusive tweets at once provides added context which, Tang says, “often helps us investigate and get them resolved faster.”

The new feature is rolling out on iOS, Android and across the world during “the coming weeks”. Tang has also revealed that, at Twitter, “we have more improvements coming that will give you even more control over your experience and look forward to sharing those updates soon.”

Twitter has openly made a priority of curbing abuse since April 2015 – shortly after a leaked memo, from then CEO Dick Costolo, admitting that Twitter’s efforts in this area had fallen short for years.

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