Twitter says iOS tracking changes will have “modest impact” on revenue

Twitter has said that Apple’s upcoming iOS App Tracking changes will have a “modest impact” on earnings, a far cry from Facebook’s comments and analysts’ expectations. 

As part of the iOS 14.5 update, set to be released in the coming weeks, Apple will require app developers to ask their users before they can track them across the web. Companies such as Facebook, which makes the majority of its income through collecting data and selling advertising, have heavily criticized Apple for the move.

Twitter is the latest company to come out and discuss the changes, revealing that it should have a “modest impact” on the company’s revenue. That suggests Twitter’s policy on collecting and manipulating data is very different from that of Facebook’s.

The microblogging social network announced its Q4 earnings, generating $1.29 billion in revenue, and said that it expects that figure to drop in 2021 because of Apple. Twitter is projecting revenues of between $940 million and $1.04 billion in the first half of 2021.

Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency not only forces developers to ask users for permission to track them, but it also lists all of the apps that have asked them to track data, and it can be turned off on an app-by-app basis, giving consumers more control over their data. It’s Apple’s latest attempt at challenging the dodgy practices of companies like Facebook, and so far, it’s proven to have been an unpopular move in the ad world.

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