Twitter teases new features, including Live Photos support

Twitter has teased several new features that are in the works at a press event.

According to journalists at The Verge, Twitter users will soon be able to follow interests as well as people, allowing them to see content from a whole host of topics, including sports, celebrities, musicians, TV shows, political content, and much more – in a similar manner to Instagram, which allows users to follow hashtags and see content from different users.

The feature is already testing on some Android devices, and for the time being, will feature topics that have been curated by Twitter.

Tweets included in the topics, however, will be recommended by artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve quality over time.

Lists become more prominent

Twitter is reportedly also considering a new option that would allow users to view their lists from their Twitter app home screen, so they could effectively swipe between user groups such as friends, work colleagues, business, news, and more.

This would make Twitter “a more powerful interest platform,” according to those who attended the press conference.

Live Photos support

The company is also working on searchable direct messages for the first time, as well as the ability to re-order photos and multimedia that is included in a tweet, and finally, support for Live Photos from iOS, which would be a welcome addition and make Twitter more fun.

These latest announcements follow a whole host of changes at Twitter in recent months, including the roll-out of a new desktop design that is strikingly similar to its iOS experience.

The social network faces stiff competition from the likes of Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook – and newer social media brands such as TikTok are also cannibalizing the company’s social media market share.

Could an edit button be coming?

Though Twitter is yet to announce a feature to edit tweets, these latest changes are an exciting development and a step in the right direction.

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