Twitter Unveils Instant Unlock Cards for Conversational Ads

Twitter is endeavoring to further boost its platform’s appeal to online marketers by introducing Instant Unlock Cards, a feature whereby Twitter users can tweet particular hashtags to unlock exciting new content from Conversational Ads, which were first introduced in January.

Here’s how an Instant Unlock Card will work. An advertiser will, through its Twitter account, highlight its new product or service and invite followers to unlock a preview by tweeting a particular hashtag. A musician, for example, could post a snippet of the video for their next single and invite followers to tweet a hashtag of the artist’s choice to view the clip.

In a post on the official Twitter blog, Ilya Brown, the social media company’s Head of Product, Brand & Video Ads, said that the Conversational Ads and Instant Unlock Card formats “are exclusive to Twitter and make it even easier for consumers to engage with and spread a brand’s campaign message.” Brown also highlighted the impressive returns that brands reaped from these features during the beta phase.

A recent effort of TV production company AMC to promote its hit show The Walking Dead through use of an Instant Unlock Card was also spotlighted by Brown. AMC had offered access to an exclusive trailer of the show, and the company’s VP of Marketing, Suzanne Park, hailed the campaign’s success.

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