Uber ‘quietly ends support for Apple Watch app’

Apple Watch With Car

It seems that Uber has ceased supporting its Apple Watch app, with multiple Uber users observing that they are now prevented from using the app to hail a ride from their wrists.

But the end of support for the app has happened quietly, amid confusing messaging. At the time of this article being written, the ‘Uber – Request a ride’ app was still shown as available for the Apple Watch in the App Store.

However, reports suggest that when the app is downloaded and installed on Apple’s wearable, the user who opens it is simply greeted with a poorly worded message urging them to “switch to the Uber mobile app”, on the basis that Uber is “no longer supporting the Apple Watch app. Sorry for the inconvenience”.

Curiously, Uber’s support site has not been updated to reflect this change, despite reports indicating the app has been unavailable since about December 8. Instead, the relevant page reads: “You can use Apple Watch to request rides and receive notification when the driver is arriving at your pickup location. Uber’s Apple Watch app will be set to your last selected vehicle option and payment method.”

While there has been an Uber app for the Apple Watch since 2015, its functionality has always been limited compared to the iPhone app. The Apple Watch app did not incorporate support for UberPool, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) sharing, fare splitting, or contacting an Uber driver, which should perhaps make news of the app’s discontinuation unsurprising.

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