UK Carrier EE to Offer Six Months of Free Apple Music

UK Carrier EE to Offer Six Months of Free Apple Music

The major UK mobile carrier will soon be offering free six-month subscriptions to the streaming service Apple Music for its new or upgrading pay monthly customers using iOS and Android devices.

While anyone who subscribes to Apple Music for the first time can already enjoy a three-month free trial, this new offer – the first instance of a UK operator offering Apple Music to its customers – significantly extends the period of free availability, and not just for new subscribers.

The offer, which is being promoted by the above screen advert starring longtime EE ambassador Kevin Bacon and singer Britney Spears, will be available to customers taking out their plan, whether a handset plan or SIM only plan, from September 1.

Apple Music certainly offers a lot of exciting content, some of which exclusive. In the new issue of AppleMagazine, we look closer at some recent exciting additions to the streaming service’s library.

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