Ukrainian developer MacPaw reassures users amid Russian invasion

MacPaw office

The Kyiv-based developer MacPaw – which “develops apps that make your Mac life simpler” – has released a statement amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, thanking users for their messages of support and assuring them that the firm’s products will not be affected by the conflict.

The group was quoted as saying to the iMore website on Thursday: “As of today, Russia has started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. As a company that was founded and operates primarily in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, we at MacPaw have been preparing for these circumstances.”

In a statement earlier today, CEO Oleksandr Kosovan said: “For us, the security of our team members is paramount. We’re prepared various assistance programs and launched an emergency plan to ensure the safety of our peers based in Ukraine.”

Kosovan – who is also the company founder – further explained in a blog post on the MacPaw website that there was no need for users to take any action with regard to how they used the company’s products, given that its workforce was “already mainly working remotely to ensure no disruptions in the support and development of our products.”

Kosovan added that while the firm’s office was in Kyiv, the company’s infrastructure and user data were all securely hosted on Amazon Web Services, with the cloud service server’s physical location being outside of Ukraine. The payment provider Paddle with which the company works, meanwhile, operates from the United Kingdom.

The statement also read: “We want to say thank you for all the incredible messages of support you’ve sent our way. Our team at MacPaw is staying calm, focused, and optimistic for a peaceful future of independent Ukraine.”

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