Uncanny Wax Figure of Steve Jobs Unveiled in Hong Kong

World-renowned wax museum Madame Tussauds has captured yet another celebrity. Hidden camera pranks and awed fans have been warming up to wax figures for years, and they seem to get more realistic each and every time a new one is introduced.

Hong Kong's Madame Tussauds has produced perhaps the most uncanny wax likeness ever. It's completely awe-inspiring. They have developed a replica of Steve Jobs, complete down to the 34-34 Levi's, worn black t-shirt, days-worth of razor stubble, and even slightly scuffed Nike's. It's enough to make you wonder if they managed to get one of Jobs' exact outfits. If he was wearing a turtleneck, it might have even inspired me to try to shake his hand.

With the perfect backdrop of John Lennon's Imagine, the video shows every working angle of Steve Jobs. And when I say every working angle, I mean every working angle, from the butt in his Levi's to the frontside as well. I can appreciate Jobs as a visionary as much as anyone else, but I really didn't need those angles.

What's unmistakable in the video, though, is the fans' appreciation and worship of Jobs. Some are even cleverly posing with their iPads and iPhones with their arms around their hero. It's been nearly a year since his passing, but it's clear he won't be forgotten.


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