Understanding Instagram Marketing and Its Benefits

During the last couple of years, the popularity of Instagram has grown tremendously and has managed to reach a level where successful social media marketing campaigns can be carried out with extremely low budgets, while also yielding great results.

This article will provide 4 tips that any marketers should keep in mind when it comes down to using the photo sharing social media platform as a marketing tool for promoting both products and services.

Before anything else, however, it is important to take a quick look at how Instagram is shaping the social media marketing game, and why the platform is capable of offering great results.

In a recent research report compiled by the folks behind WebsiteBuilder.org, it was found that Instagram is currently being used by 48.8% of brands, with the percentage bound to increase to roughly 70.7% by the end of this year.

Additionally, it was also found that 70% of all performance campaigns carried out on the photo sharing platform were capable of generating significant lifts for both online conversions, but also mobile app installs, which is a huge number considering the current average.

Apart from this aspect, 50% of Instagrammers follow at least one business out of their own will, whereas over 500,000 advertisers are currently trying their best to grow their businesses using the platform.

Post quality content

It goes without saying that even on Instagram, content is kind. The photo sharing app allows people to share a photo and video content, so make sure that whatever you post, is professionally shot and is bound to advertise your business properly. Posting low-quality photos and videos that fail to convey a message, will also fail to drive conversions, and increase your popularity.

Use your bio wisely

You likely won’t care too much about your bio if you use Instagram for personal purposes. You’re a marketer, however. And this means that you have to use all available space to promote your business, whether you’re a travel blogger or you’re someone just figuring out how to get into construction. Therefore, use the link present in your bio to connect to your website or a landing page that also has some of the posts you placed on the platform. You can also use it to help promote your blog, website, gain subscribers and collect more leads.

Learn that cross-promoting is an efficient business practice

Don’t be afraid to promote your competitors, or other businesses operating in a similar same niche. Your services surely differ at least one bit, and by promoting others through tagging, you’ll encourage those companies to promote your services as well.

Don’t forget hashtags!

These little symbols can make the difference. Look for trending words, and for posts related to them. See what best fits your category and include those hashtags. This way, other people can come across your account, without having to dig too deep or rely on sheer luck.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, Instagram is without a doubt, a great marketing tool that people from all around the world should take advantage of to promote their products and services. Not only this, but it’s also free!

About the Author

This post was written by a guest blogger for AppleMagazine.