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Unique iPhone SE Cases #1: Belkin’s LEGO Builder Case

One big advantage of getting an iPhone SE now is that, with the handset’s design dating back almost four years to the iPhone 5, there’s a massive choice of cases on offer. In a new series, we look at some of the most eccentric of these cases.

Is your excitement building already?

To start with, we’re looking at Belkin’s LEGO Builder Case. The esteemed case maker really did get the authentic LEGO license for this one – which means that you get genuine LEGO studs on the back. So, if you’ve got a big bucket of LEGO bricks from your childhood lying in your loft, you’ve now got a good excuse to get them out again and unleash your creativity.

As TheBrickCentral shows in the YouTube clip below, you can attach LEGO bricks of various types to that back plate – including LEGO mini-figures. The case’s thickness makes it look pretty protective, too; Belkin claims to have put in “a semi-flexible outer frame for shock-absorption”. Wrap-around edges are also intended to help prevent scratches to the display.

Should go LEGO of any lingering reservations?

Through Belkin’s website, the case is available in “pink violet” and “yellow” color choices for $39.99. Though it’s a shame that the back plate always remains blue, for many LEGO-loving wielders of the iPhone SE, this case could remain immediately appealing.

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