Unique iPhone SE Cases #2: MediaDevil Artisancase Wood Case

Unique iPhone SE Cases #2: MediaDevil Artisancase Wood Case

Some of us are so committed to doing our bit for the environment that we wear it on our sleeve. Or, to use what would be more appropriate wording for this article, put it on our iPhone SE. Below, we study what might be the most organic iPhone case you ever see…

Wood you believe it?

The Artisancase wood case made by British company MediaDevil looks, quite simply, great. It’s available in eight different types or combinations of wood – bamboo, black walnut, bois de rose, maple, zebra, rosewood, wenge & maple, and rosewood & maple. All of this wood is sustainably sourced – an obvious plus point for an eco warrior.

Not that, strictly speaking, each case is entirely made of wood; there’s a black, matte textured plastic casing which the wood and iPhone will largely cover when the case is in use. And you’d likely enjoy spending a lot of time admiring that wood; each case shows a genuinely unique wood grain, and will develop further visual character from regular use.

A tree-mendous opportunity (Groan…)

You can order your own choice of MediaDevil’s Artisancase wood case from the company’s website. While the case will be dispatched from the United Kingdom, it should arrive at a United States address in 14-20 business days if standard shipping is chosen or 10-15 business days should you alternatively opt for expedited shipping.

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