Unity Opens Doors to Apple Vision Pro Development for All Game Creators Unity, the leading game engine company, has officially rolled out its support for the Apple Vision Pro to all developers, following a successful six-month beta phase.

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Back in July 2023, Unity introduced beta support for visionOS, coinciding with Apple’s launch of the groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro. This move targeted game and app developers, facilitating the creation of native applications for the new headset.

Now, after extensive testing and refinement, Unity has opened its doors to all its Pro, Enterprise, and Industry subscribers, allowing them to harness the power of visionOS for immersive app development.

The announcement marks a significant milestone for Unity and developers alike. “You can now leverage Unity’s familiar authoring workflows, robust XR tools, and cross-platform compatibility to create immersive spatial experiences for a whole new ecosystem on Apple Vision Pro,” Unity stated in a blog post.

The beta program saw thousands of developers globally engage and collaborate, contributing to a robust community ready to explore new frontiers in spatial computing.

Unity’s toolkit is not limited to immersive mixed reality experiences; it also supports 2D content rendering and the porting of existing virtual reality titles. This flexibility was highlighted by Mikkel Fredborg from Light Brick Studio, who shared his experience developing LEGO Builder’s Journey for the Apple Vision Pro.

“Unity has been very supportive in bringing their well-known workflow to a completely new type of system,” Fredborg said. He praised the integration with visionOS, which unlocked the distinctive features of the Apple Vision Pro.

Similarly, Tommy Palm of Resolution Games hinted at an upcoming project leveraging Unity’s visionOS support, set to release in 2024. “We aim to make our titles available on the emerging devices players want to use,” Palm stated, emphasizing the significance of Apple entering this market segment.

He lauded Unity’s multiplatform support and comprehensive spatial computing tools, which streamline the development process for the Apple Vision Pro.

However, Unity’s support for visionOS is not extended to its basic Unity Personal tier. Instead, the company is offering a 30-day free trial of Unity Pro, encouraging more developers to explore the capabilities of visionOS. It’s important to note that Unity’s visionOS support is exclusive to Apple Silicon Macs.

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Unity Pro subscriptions start at $185 per month, providing a gateway for developers to delve into the evolving realm of spatial computing on the Apple Vision Pro.

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