Up to 180,000 Sales: Vision Pro Headsets Fly Off Shelves in Pre-Order Rush In a remarkable debut, Apple's Vision Pro headsets witnessed a surge in demand, with sales reaching up to 180,000 units during the initial pre-order weekend.

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According to esteemed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s latest product, the Vision Pro headset, experienced a significant sales boom during its first pre-order weekend, with numbers ranging between 160,000 and 180,000 units. In a recent Medium post, Kuo highlighted the swift sell-out of the headset, noting that shipping times for all models quickly extended by five to seven weeks.

This immediate sell-out and delayed shipping suggest a strong initial interest. However, Kuo offered a word of caution. He observed that, unlike new iPhone models, which often see a continuous increase in shipping dates indicating sustained demand, the shipping dates for the Vision Pro headsets remained unchanged 48 hours after the pre-orders began. This pattern suggests that the initial rush may have primarily been from core enthusiasts, with demand potentially leveling off soon after.

Despite this, Kuo remains optimistic about the headset’s market performance. He mentioned that reaching a sales target of 500,000 units within this year seems achievable, although he acknowledged that the Vision Pro remains a niche product in the current market.

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The initial demand for the Vision Pro headset indicates a keen interest among Apple’s user base, but the long-term market response remains to be seen.

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