US Loyalty to Samsung Still High After Galaxy Note 7 Debacle

US Loyalty to Samsung Still High After Galaxy Note 7 Debacle

Despite having to recall fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphones earlier this fall, Samsung has apparently not suffered damage to its brand among US customers, according to a new poll reported by Reuters.

A Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll held from October 26 to November 9 has revealed that Samsung smartphone users are almost as loyal to their brand as iPhone users. 91% of the former said that they would likely buy another Samsung smartphone; this compares to the 92% of iPhone users who indicated their likelihood of buying another iPhone.

Both Samsung and Apple smartphone owners were often so loyal that they would consider buying other products from their brand. 92% of Samsung users said that they would “probably” purchase another Samsung product, while 89% of iPhone users owners would “likely” buy another Apple product.

So, while the Note 7 scandal has given Samsung much negative publicity, it might not seriously affect the long term health of its smartphone business. The poll was carried out online with 2,375 Samsung phone owners and 3,158 iPhone owners, across all 50 states of the United States.

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