Users complain of poor battery life with iOS 16

iPhone 13 Pro with MagSafe Battery Pack

Consumers are complaining of poor battery life after upgrading to iOS 16.

It’s common for an iOS software update to temporarily cause issues to battery percentages on the iPhone, as Apple does a number of things behind the scenes such as reindexing files and optimizing content but this year’s update is reportedly permanently draining battery percentages for some consumers with older devices.

Across social media, consumers are reporting poor battery life following the iOS 16 update.

Ios 16 battery draining from applehelp

ios 16 battery drain on iphone 12 pro max seems overly excessive. is something off? from applehelp

Apple has not commented on the battery drain issue, but the chances are that iOS 16 is more resource intensive and thus causing the battery to drain faster than on previous versions. Indeed, Apple has added a new Lock Screen that offers much more customization options, and this could be one of the reasons for the change.

Are you suffering from poor battery life after upgrading to iOS 16? Stay tuned for more information and we’ll bring you the very latest here at AppleMagazine, as and when we get it.

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