Users in Russia are reportedly unable to make payments on the iTunes or App Store

Holding an iPhone 7

Reports suggest that iTunes and App Store purchases seem to have stopped working in Russia for customers using bank cards or digital codes.

Users in Russia are claiming that they are no longer able to add funds to their App Store or iTunes Store accounts, according to local website It seems that banks such as Tinkoff and Sber have switched off the ability, although this is not confirmed.

There have also been reports of users finding themselves unable to buy Apple gift cards as a means of topping up their store balances. Given that PayPal operations have also been suspended in Russia, this would mean that users only have one option for paying for apps: via a cellphone account.

Alfa-Bank warned users on Wednesday that Russian cards would cease to work on the App Store in the country. However, it remains unclear whether the problem is temporary, as well as whether it was imposed by Apple, the Russian government, or banks in Russia.

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