Users will be able to set custom music app from iOS 14.5

Apple will allow users to choose a default music app from iOS 14.5.

If you’re not an Apple Music user, you’re in luck – from iOS 14.5, you’ll be able to switch to a different default music player from your iPhone and iPad. As first spotted by users on Reddit, Apple will now ask you which music app you want to use when you request a song from Siri, and then whenever you request music in the future, it’ll default to your preferred service.

For those who don’t have Apple Music installed on their phones, Apple will default to the next music app, whether that’s Spotify, Pandora, or Amazon Music, offering real convenience and backtracking on the company’s previous resistance to opening up iOS.

Apple previously added support for third-party streaming apps with HomePod, but the feature is yet to be fully rolled out. Right now, only Pandora is supported, with Spotify and other services yet to be added to HomePod. A future update will likely resolve this issue.

Apple is currently beta testing iOS 14.5, allowing developers to submit bugs and update their apps to take advantage of new features. Other changes coming as part of the update include App Tracking Transparency, and mask support for Face ID, a long-awaited feature.

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