Various Voice Commands Added to Google Maps Android App

Various Voice Commands Added to Google Maps Android App

Using Google Maps to figure out where you’re going when in the driver’s seat of a car is much easier now that you can deliver various voice commands to the Google Maps app on Android.

Of course, one common dilemma of trying to use this app while driving is that it can be dangerous to regularly take your eyes off the road in order to look at or tap on your device’s screen. However, in a blog post, Google is now pledging “the ultimate hands-free and eyes-free experience” for users who have updated the Google Maps app and Google app on their Android devices.

Now, when you’ve got the Google Maps app open and in navigation mode or driving mode, you can say “Ok Google” and then a voice command. The app is receptive to a voice command when a white microphone icon is displayed in the top right corner. Saying “Ok Google” will produce a circle with bouncing dots – an indicator that the app is hearing your voice command.

Voice commands that you can use include “Find gas stations”, “What’s my next turn?”, and “Show alternate routes”. In fact, Google has produced a cheat sheet listing various commands that Google Maps is open to. Unfortunately, this functionality has not yet been brought to the iOS version of the Google Maps app, but Google could address that discrepancy at a later point.

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