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Velocity Explains Why the New iMessage is a “Powerful Tool”

This year, Apple has brought huge improvements to its iMessage service, including support for third party apps – and Velocity co-CEO Zia Yusuf has explained why this makes iMessage a “powerful tool”.

While Velocity’s iOS app allows you to choose from curated selections of world-renowned restaurants, the company’s iMessage app takes things further by letting you share information, including images and reviews, about eateries and even book with these outlets as you chat.

In an interview with Computerworld, Yusuf said that the company considered introducing this app “a great way for us to engage new users and make the overall booking process a more seamless, personalized experience”. He explained: “Consumers have better conversations with apps that can enhance and create rich experiences without leaving the messaging window.”

This has advantages over using restaurants’ websites. Yusuf pointed out that “visiting a website requires an extra step for the consumer and does not allow them to share select content”, or at least not in a friction-free manner. These are just a few reasons why the new iMessage could bring about a new revolution; you can read more reasons by downloading the new issue of AppleMagazine.

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