Verizon Launching 5G In 30 US Cities This Summer

Verizon has announced its plans for a 5G rollout this year.

The company will deploy next-generation wireless technology across 30 cities this summer, although failed to provide information as to which cities they would be, or how much 5G bandwidth would be deployed in each city.

Clarification is expected in the coming months.

The carrier added that the launch would include deployment of “superfast millimeter wave radios,” signaling a change from some other US carriers who are looking to start slow with their 5G rollout.

Hans Vestberg, Verizon’s CEO, said that “It’s just gonna be a totally different experience in speed and throughput than you have ever seen before,” in an investor speech.

Verizon added that their initial 5G rollout would be a standards-based 5G and was designed to test new equipment and prepare the firm for a US-wide launch, rather than the off-brand 5G that was used for its wireless home internet service, a heavily-criticized marketing ploy.

Verizon is the exclusive partner to Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G, which was announced earlier in the week.

It’s the first major smartphone to come with a 5G modem, and no doubt the start of a new digital revolution.

The Samsung flagship will go on same “in the first half of 2019,” so it’s clear Verizon needs to act fast if it wants to live up to the promises made to Samsung.

Apple is also expected to introduce a 5G modem in its iPhone range this year.

In other 5G news, T-Mobile announced plans to launch its 5G in 30 cities this year, whilst AT&T has deployed the technology in 12 cities across America, but very few can use it as most smartphones and hardware do not support 5G technology, and won’t until later in 2019.

5G is set to provide record speeds and transform the way we communicate and use our devices, not only when we’re out and about, but at home, too.

It’s expected that 5G will negate the need for home broadband, and innovate app development, allowing companies to stream virtual reality and augmented reality content to users’ smartphones and homes in seconds.

Whilst innovations won’t happen for a few years yet, it’s an exciting time for all…

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