Vertigo app now lets users share between Apple Music and Spotify

We have some good news for those who get frustrated about the lack of an available service that lets us break down the barrier between our music streaming apps. Vertigo has announced that it is now fully integrated with both Apple Music and Spotify so those of us who use both are now able to share music between the two.

For those who were unaware of the existence of Vertigo until this very moment, we’ll briefly explain. It is an app designed to let you invite friends and followers to listen to your curated songs and playlists on top of live audio, video and online chat. Via the ‘sharing live’ option, users are able to share songs with whoever is following their profile so they too can listen in real-time. Sounds good, no?

Vertigo now just got even better. Previously, users were only able to link either their Spotify account with the app and only if they had a premium subscription. Now, with the integration of Apple Music, they can share music regardless of the subscription plan they have. The app only launched last month, so this is an impressive step to take in such a small amount of time, especially since Vertigo is now the first and only iOS app that allows for this type of cross-platform sharing. Import your playlists from Spotify or Apple Music (or both), find new music via the app and share songs in-app with whoever is following you.

“No one wants to have to choose between Apple Music friends and Spotify friends”- Greg Leekley, CEO and Co-founder of Vertigo.

Vertigo stands out because of it’s option to start “live sessions” that let you live-stream your favourite music and add audio commentary while a song is playing. This gives users the opportunity to meet new friends who are interested in the same music as they are, providing not only another social media platform but one that is centred around music.

Both Apple Music and Spotify continue to battle it out for the top spot in music streaming services and although Apple continues to have the upper hand thanks to the likes of exclusive content from artists such as Frank Ocean and Drake, Spotify has updated it’s service with personalised playlists, videos and podcasts. Another thing that Spotify manages to achieve is social integration, allowing users to follow their friends and share music via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Apple has definitely downplayed the social aspect of their service and while they do still have Apple Music Connect (a feature that allows artists to post information about their music), the recent iOS 10 update saw a removal of Connect’s own tab. One of the main things that will attract users to Vertigo is the way in which the app has combined both the exclusivity of Apple Music with the user-friendliness and social aspect of Spotify to create a music-streaming service that differentiates itself from the rest that are out there.




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