Vision Pro Headset to Offer Custom Prescription Inserts for Glasses Wearers

Apple made a significant announcement with the unveiling of the Vision Pro, an innovative augmented and virtual reality headset. Considering the headset’s fit, it doesn’t cater to users wearing glasses. However, Apple has come up with a solution for those who require prescription lenses.

In collaboration with Zeiss, Apple plans to provide Zeiss Optical Inserts that can be individually tailored to each user’s vision prescription. These inserts will magnetically attach to the Vision Pro lenses, thereby ensuring accurate viewing and eye tracking.

Details about the cost of Zeiss prescription inserts remain undisclosed, but Apple indicated that vision correction accessories will be sold separately.

Users requiring glasses will need a valid prescription to acquire these inserts. However, it’s crucial to note that not all prescriptions will be accommodated, implying certain limitations that might exclude some people from using the headset.

The Vision Pro headset is set to be available in early 2024, starting at a price point of $3,499.

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