‘Vision Pro’ Trademark Poses Challenge for Apple in China The launch of Apple's new mixed-reality headset, dubbed 'Vision Pro', may hit a roadblock in China, as Huawei holds the exclusive rights to the same trademark. This situation could compel Apple to rebrand its product or negotiate with Huawei for the rights.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro | WWDC 2023 presentation

The “Vision Pro” trademark, presently held by Huawei in China, was initially spotted by MyDrivers. Huawei was granted this trademark on May 16, 2019, and has exclusive rights to it in China from November 28, 2021 until November 27, 2031. The company actively uses this name for a range of products, including smart TVs and smart glasses. Should Apple wish to market its headset under the “Vision Pro” name in China, it might have to broker a deal with Huawei for the trademark release.

This scenario is reminiscent of a similar situation in 2012 when Apple paid Proview Technology $60 million for the rights to the “iPad” trademark in China. This payment was made after numerous unsuccessful court cases where Apple argued that it had already obtained the rights to the name through a deal with Proview’s Taiwanese branch.

Apple has indicated its intent to release the Vision Pro headset in the United States in early 2024, with plans to expand availability to “more countries” later that year. However, this trademark issue could impact the timeline for the product’s launch in China.

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