visionOS 2 Unveiled: Keyboard Visibility, Home View Enhancements, and More At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple introduced visionOS 2, the first major update for Apple Vision Pro since last year, bringing several new features including enhanced keyboard visibility.

Apple Vision Pro | visionOS 2

One notable feature in visionOS 2 is the ability to recognize and display your Magic Keyboard or MacBook keyboard while you’re immersed in an Environment.

Previously, full immersion meant you couldn’t see your keyboard while typing. Now, whether you’re typing on a beach, in the mountains, or even on the moon, your keyboard will be visible.

Virtual Keyboard
visionOS | Virtual Keyboard

Apple also announced support for mice in visionOS 2, including both the Magic Mouse and third-party options.

Additional visionOS 2 features include:

  • The ability to rearrange Vision Pro’s Home View by pinching and holding.
  • The option to move iPad apps out of the “Compatible Apps” folder and place them anywhere on the Home View.
  • Enhanced video watching in Safari, offering a cinematic experience with a new glow and reflection from the screen, providing a stunning visual effect in any Environment.
  • The first beta of visionOS 2 is available to developer beta testers now, with a public release scheduled for the fall.
visionOS 2 Specs
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