VR Film About Indigenous Australian Airs at London Festival

While the epic romance film Australia, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, has previously given the world an insight into Aboriginal Australian culture, London recently got another. This time, it was in the form of immersive virtual reality, with the presentation of Lynette Wallworth’s feature Collisions.

Wallworth presented the 15-minute documentary, The Sydney Morning Herald reports, at London’s film festival this week. The audience was taken on a virtual reality journey to Australia’s Pilbara region – the home of Indigenous elder Nyarri Morgan, whose story Wallworth thought should be told in a special way…

Collisions from Nicole Newnham on Vimeo.

Feeling that audiences should don VR headsets to see that story told in 360-degree video, she told SMH: “In VR you’re no longer a viewer, you’re a participant. You’re inside it, you recall it as though you were there. It can make certain stories more powerful.”

Gaming, too, looks set to be transformed by virtual reality, thanks to this week’s release of the well-received PlayStation VR, the subject of our lead article in the new issue of AppleMagazine.

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