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Watch out! Anyone can record and replay your snaps forever on iOS 11

iOS 11 just launched an update for iPhone and iPad that includes a brand new ‘screen recording’ feature. This means that you can easily save a video from Snapchat or an Instagram story.

This feature comes with the free iOS 11 update but you’ll need to tweak something if you want it to appear in your Control Center. All you need to do is open your Settings app, tap Control Center > Customize Controls then “Add screen recording feature” and you’ll be able to record whatever is happening on your screen with a swipe-up from the bottom and a tap of the circular record button.

Here’s a gif from Mashable to show you how it’s done:

As the update is now, the person who sent the Snap will not be aware that you’ve recorded it. However, a spokesperson for Snapchat has said that an upcoming update (version 10.17.5) will be able to detect screen-recording and inform users but only if the person recording has updated their Snapchat app too. Sneaky.



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