Watch Apple 2020 Holiday advert, starring hip-hop star Tierra Whack

Apple has released its first Holiday 2020 advertisement, featuring Tierra Whack promoting the new HomePod mini, in a spot called “The Magic of Mini”. In the fun and unusual ad spot, the hip-hop artist is seen enjoying time in her own world using her AirPods and HomePod.

As the creative advert begins, Tierra Whack is seen listening to a song about being unhappy on her AirPods Pro, with a scarf that grows longer and drags across the floor as she walks home.

When she arrives, she asks Siri on her HomePod to “turn it way up” as a happier song begins to play, and then things get crazy when a tiny version of Tierra appears behind a HomePod mini.

We’re unsure whether this is the official 2020 Holiday advertisement for Apple, or whether it’s simply an ad spot for the new HomePod mini, with more content coming soon.

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