Watch Out for Our Review of the Printrbot Simple 3D Printer

Amazingly useful though 3D printing can be, you might assume that a good 3D printer would be too expensive to buy or difficult to put together for you in particular. Well, you can put those doubts aside thanks to the Assembled Printrbot Simple printer – which we will soon be thoroughly reviewing.

Priced at just $599, the Assembled Printrbot Simple is a portable 3D printer which combines a metal construction with a GT2 belt pulley system for 3D prints capable of matching the quality of those from printers costing thousands more dollars. Make: has called the Assembled Printrbot Simple “one of the best starter printers”, adding: “And now with the included handle, a great mobile machine.”

This printer is also easy to set up with a laptop. The Printrbot website has instructions – in both text and video – for getting everything ready, plus links to free software that you might need to download to your laptop along the way. And you’re likely to be impressed by the printer’s performance – just see how it has fared when pitted against a $20,000 uPrint SE Plus 3D printer

Within the next few weeks, we will be providing our own hands-on, in-depth verdict on the Assembled Printrbot Simple in an issue of AppleMagazine. Subscribe to our digital periodical now – through our free app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – to make sure you don’t miss our review.

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