watchOS 10.1 Beta Introduces NameDrop for Enhanced Contact Sharing The latest watchOS 10.1 beta allows Apple Watch users to easily share their contact details through the new NameDrop feature.

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The watchOS 10.1 beta release has rolled out a new offering for Apple Watch enthusiasts. With the integration of the NameDrop feature, users can now swiftly share their contact details with other Apple Watch wearers or iPhone users.

To deploy this feature, users can delve into the Contacts app, navigate to their profile, and then hit the “Share” button. Following these steps triggers an animation guiding users to place their Apple Watch adjacent to another Apple Watch or near the top of an iPhone. This action kickstarts the transmission of contact details.

Although NameDrop made its debut in iOS 17, it was conspicuously absent from the primary watchOS 10 launch. This recent inclusion in the beta version underlines Apple’s dedication to streamlining the process of contact information exchange. Acting as a subset of AirDrop, NameDrop disseminates your Contact Poster along with your name and phone number upon activation.

For optimal operation, NameDrop requires two iPhones equipped with iOS 17, a pair of Apple Watches with watchOS 10.1, or a combination of an iPhone running iOS 17 and an Apple Watch with watchOS 10.1.

Additionally, the watchOS 10.1 code provides hints about the Double Tap feature, a potential new addition for the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2.

Nonetheless, this function is currently dormant, rendering Double Tap unavailable for the time being.

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