watchOS 7 to feature Kids Mode, reduce focus on calories

Apple will introduce a new Kids Mode on watchOS 7, according to code found inside of an early beta, designed for children who have an Apple Watch to track activities and fitness.

Parents will also be able to control and manage their children’s Apple Watch device.

9to5Mac has dug deep into iOS 14 and found that the new watchOS update can be placed into Kids Mode, that will have different Activity Rings and goals than the adults-oriented one, focusing on minutes exercises and hours stood, but no emphasis on active calories burned.

Rather than the usual red activity ring for tracking calories, the red ring will move alongside exercise time and hours spent standing, offering a healthier target for children who can be more susceptible to eating disorders and other weight and diet-related complications.

Apple is expected to roll out Kids Mode as part of watchOS 7 – premiering the update during its new online Worldwide Developers Conference, before releasing it publicly in September.

Other features that could come alongside an Apple Watch Kids Mode include parental tools to track where children are, and limiting features on the watch during school and study time.

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