Ways to promote your online game with social media


The online gaming sector has been experiencing a big explosion in the last couple of years. Tech-savvy developers all over the globe are churning out groundbreaking gaming ideas monthly. Different platforms grant access to these gaming developers to publish the games developed.

This has brought the rivalry in the gaming industry to its head. The last quarter of 2020 saw Tencent, a game development firm, gross the highest revenue globally. Nevertheless, a game can only be considered a success based on its popularity, not just the ingenuity behind its concept.

This brings about a problem for video gamers regarding how to popularize their games. The short answer is social media networks. Leveraging the right social media platform to advertise your game will increase your active gamers.

Here are ways to advertise your online games on social media networks:

Market on YouTube

YouTube allows you to popularize your game to individuals across various global locations. Reports released by YouTube have revealed that 2 billion monthly users are active on the platform. That constitutes more than one-quarter of the total world population.

There’s a good chance that their ads on YouTube most likely influenced the action, adventure, trivia, and casino games you download. These ads display the games (i.e., action, adventure, casino) you can also play on your iPhone apart from PCs for gamers who are usually in transit.

If you don’t have a YouTube channel, it would be a smart decision to create one. You can begin marketing your game on YouTube by utilizing engaging thumbnails to attract various users to your videos. You must leverage top-notch graphics to get your audience riled up on your online game’s quality.

You need to plan out your marketing strategy for your online game carefully. You can start by showing users the most exciting aspect of your online game in the opening minutes of your video. Your video also needs to include high-quality and lossless audio to add to the overall gaming experience.

Use the video description box on YouTube and include a link to your game to increase your download numbers.

Leverage blogs for online game promotion

Many people go on the internet to read blogs about different topics. Gamers, in particular, are almost always searching for new games that pique their interest.

You can start leveraging blogs by establishing your own and creating posts about your online game. Nevertheless, this could come with several hurdles since you might have to spend a lot on search engine optimization and writers.

An alternative way is to have a guest post on established platforms to facilitate online game promotion. You can link to your game in the blog post to increase your downloads.

You need to outline your game’s cool features when creating the post. Your introduction has to be short and catchy, with hacks given to gamers.

Utilize ASO to increase visibility

If your online game is available on smartphones, you can leverage app store optimization (ASO). ASO enhances the visibility of gaming software in the store. When you upload your game to an app store, you’d be effectively boosting its reach to your target audience.

Like search engine optimization works for websites, so is app store optimization for programs. It is a way for users to discover your game when they scroll through app stores. If your ASO technique is great, your game will appear at the top of searches, and your downloads will increase.

Once your game is live on the app store, you can encourage your players to rate the game. The more positive reviews, the higher your visibility through the app store’s machine-learning algorithm.

Discuss with gaming influencers

Influencers have revolutionized how product developers reach their audience. Influencers are great at revealing great products to their followers and thus accumulate large followings. Several firms across industries utilize influencers to get their products and services to consumers.

Usually, gamers tend to trust reviews from their pals and influencers. This can positively impact your download statistics. If you engage a gaming influencer, you’d be confident that their followers will download your game.

Since the widespread use of smartphones and computers, the gaming industry has received close attention.

Nevertheless, because of the fierce competition, creating a great game isn’t enough. You need to leverage social media to get your product out there.

You can start by using YouTube for marketing, creating or linking up with blogs, using ASO for increased visibility, and discussing with gaming influencers.

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