Waze and Spotify one-tap soon coming to iOS

Earlier this year the popular map app Waze became integrated with Spotify on Android and it seems that now integration is coming to iOS too.

This new feature makes it easier to listen your favorite music while you navigate, the Spotify integration giving users the freedom to choose tunes while using Waze instead of switching apps.

Waze describes the benefits of this new feature as:

  • Switch between apps in just one tap 
  • Control your song selection 
  • View recently played content 
  • Access your uniquely-tailored Spotify recommendations 

Additionally, by keeping the safety of users in mind Waze prevents access to Spotify while driving.

The company has released two new Spotify playlists to go alongside this update which is available to users who have the latest Waze and Spotify apps. For others, the update is expected to roll out over the next few weeks:

Follow “Driving Through the Years for US hits (in English) and the “Carrokê for Brazilian tunes (in Portuguese) and enjoy a hot new soundtrack that’ll make today’s commute a little livelier (and more fun). 

You can read more about this on Waze’s official blog.


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