The web interface for iOS and Mac Apps has been redesigned

Apple has recently introduced an all new design for the App Store which includes a cleaner interface that places screenshots and critical information at the front and center.

Searching for any iOS or Mac App on the web will give you access to the new redesigned surface. With the iOS apps you’re bound to notice a clear difference that you now need to open the App Store to download the app, while with a Mac app you’ll get a notification letting you know that you need to open up the Mac Store.

App listings now include the app name, icon, and screenshots along with information like star rating, ranking, purchase price, and whether or not there are in-app purchases.

The app’s description used to be the first thing that came up when you accessed an app on the web. Now, however, this is listed under the screenshots. App store webpages also include a listing of what’s new, select reviews, app size, and a list of related apps.

This change comes after the launch of iTunes 12.7 which eliminated the built-in App Store for iOS apps. With no App Store on iTunes, iOS apps can now only be downloaded directly on an iPhone or iPad rather than downloaded onto a Mac and transferred onto a device.

This new look is much more streamlined and makes it easier for users to see how apps can be downloaded on an iOS device.

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