What are the rumors saying about the upcoming Apple Spring Event?

iPad Air 2020

Judging by recent reports, it looks like April 19 or April 12 are among the major contenders for when Apple’s 2022 Spring Event could take place… or there might even be an event as early as March 8.

We’re already anticipating the release of the iPhone SE 3, which is rumored to be going into production in the second week of March. According to iDrop News, it could take about six weeks to manufacture the devices, which would point to the new iPhone SE being ready to ship worldwide by around the middle of April.

Or could we be seeing an upgraded iPhone SE so much sooner than that? This has been the suggestion of Bloomberg’s well-connected watcher of all things Apple, Mark Gurman, who has suggested that a 5G iPhone SE and a new iPad Air will break cover at an event presently scheduled for March 8. He added that the Cupertino firm also intended to release iOS 15.4 in the second week of March.

Reports indicate that both the new iPhone SE and the iPad Air will sport an updated A-series chip and 5G connectivity, while showing no major design changes compared to the previous models.

Speaking of Gurman, he has also pointed to the possibility of several new Macs at the Spring Event; as also reported by MacRumors, there seems to be a decent chance of at least one new Mac with an Apple-designed chip being introduced there. And if previous rumors are anything to go by on that, a refreshed Mac mini is surely a strong possibility.

Some speculation lately also centered on the idea of the Spring Event seeing the appearance of an iMac with a mini-LED display. However, the highly reliable supply-chain analyst Ross Young has recently suggested that we could be left waiting until the summer at the earliest for that one.

Finally, AirPod enthusiasts are still hoping to see the launch of the AirPods Pro 2 in April. This timeframe appears to be very optimistic, but in this fast-moving market, seemingly anything could happen.

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