What does the inside of Apple’s new AirTag look like?

As AirTags begin shipping to customers’ addresses following their release last week (April 30), we’ve now been given the first look inside the new product, with a detailed teardown looking at the new item tracker in more detail – including specifics on how the speaker works.

Popular YouTube channel Haruki, whose videos are shared in Japanese, was the first to post a detailed look at the internals of the AirTag, offering a near 15-minute look at the product. The video shows off the internal components such as Apple’s U1 chip.

When the battery door is removed from AirTag, Apple has made it easy to remove the inner plastic housing and make changes. Perhaps one of the most notable features is how Apple has used an intricate voice coil, which was placed in the central magnetic field.

Check out the full video below and check back soon for more news and rumors.

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