What is Rainbow Six Siege & Everything a Beginner Might do Like Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter where special forces clash with terrorists inside buildings where a bomb has been placed. Virtually every object within the game can be reinforced or demolished, influencing both the outcome of each round and the overall match.

Rainbow Six Siege | Ubisoft

You will always have a chance to grow in the league level, which will influence the quality of your opponents and constantly learn everything new.

For this you need to win matches and maintain positive statistics, or you can order a full-fledged Skycoach R6 rank boosting to play against more strong enemies and learn to play even if in the near future you will be demoted again due to the high level of opponents and frequent losses, but in the future this will help you play better and increase your rank faster.

Session Format

All matches in Rainbow Six will be held in a session format, that is, each new game will be a new story with a unique outcome, which will directly depend on the actions of each player.

Matches will be played until 8 victories of one of the teams.

Destruction System

Each player can directly influence the outcome of the match by destroying objects, or, conversely, strengthening them when playing for defense to prevent opponents from carrying out an assault.

This can be done with weapons, that is, simply shooting parts of the building, grenades and explosives to create new passages and create new moments during the match.

You can also, conversely, strengthen individual parts of the game map that cannot be broken with simple weapons, and you need to use a sledgehammer or special explosives, otherwise no harm will be done.

Tactical Planning

R6 can hardly be called a full-fledged arcade game, because you have to learn to think through your actions and communicate with the team to successfully storm a building when playing for the special forces and defending as terrorists.

You have to think through your steps during the preparation stage in order to analyze the game map as much as possible and study the positions of your opponents and think through your assault strategy.

For example, for special forces this could be a joint assault on one position, or a simultaneous entry from the walls and roof to take the enemy by surprise, and in all this you will be helped by dense reconnaissance using drones and cameras and an understanding of where your enemy is.

When playing as a defense, you will also be able to assess the enemy’s plans during the assault and draw up the main forces in a timely manner to repel the attack and win rounds simply by knowing about the enemy’s plans, which will help you more often receive growth boosting in Rainbow Six Siege.

Wide Variety of Gaming Agents

Each player will choose his agent for his match based on his mood and the game goals that he sets for himself.

This could be a heavily armored operator who will move in and take damage first, allowing his allies to turn around and operate in the space he creates for them.

This could be a stealth agent who uses a silencer and silent movement to eliminate enemy units that have fallen behind or were simply inattentive.

This could be a support player who can help allies and restore their health or combat potential, or constantly collect and broadcast information from maps and let allies understand all the enemy’s plans in real time, but tracking means can be destroyed and this should also be taken into account.

Strong eSports Component

The eSports scene is highly developed in R6, which allows players to constantly follow professionals and the potential to strive to become one of them themselves.

All you need is to constantly play matches and progress, increasing your rank in Rainbow Six Siege and getting closer to the best players.

Of course, you should watch such meetings and listen to experienced commentators who will watch and analyze the events and help you better understand the reasons for such actions of players and teams as a whole.

Full Immersion

Having entered the world of Rainbow Six even once, you will forever remember this experience, especially when playing as special forces, even if you do not like such genres.

Of course, you may not get along with your team, but the general emotions from a joint assault and the feeling when everything around you explodes and is destroyed, and you solve combat missions and act with your squad will motivate you to return to the Ubisoft servers for a long time.

Terrorists, of course, will not be such a canonical side for many players, and at the same time, it is quite an interesting experience to play as purposeful bad guys who are ready to detonate this bomb at any cost and will not give up even to the special forces that are pursuing them.

Development of Strategic & Critical Thinking

In Rainbow Six, you need to constantly come up with tactics and ideas that will help you defeat your opponents, and even with perfect planning and thinking, there is a high risk that something will go wrong, and you will need to change the plan on the fly.

You can be alone against the entire enemy team and have a chance to win this episode if you think ahead, shoot well and get a little lucky.

The stronger and higher your rank in Rainbow Six Siege, the more intelligent and experienced players you will encounter, which will greatly affect your gameplay and the tasks that will be set for you, not to mention the result and constant training that will await you in the end of such a long journey.

Relaxation & Pleasure

It is known that shooters can relieve internal tension no worse than exercises with a punching bag and increase the mental level, but provided that you achieve success and everything works out for you.

If you feel that today the game does not bring you pleasure and literally “does not fly at the enemy,” then just exit it and do not waste your rank in R6, but come back when you again have the mood, strength and passion to destroy everything and everyone.

Rainbow Six is ​​another version from Ubisoft about the confrontation between terrorists and special forces, presented in a session and competitive format.

You will find short but unique matches that will not be similar to each other, because each player plays a unique role and situation during the match, regardless of the side he occupies on the game map. You will find complete destruction of objects and the possibility of strengthening them, so that this factor has an influence during the assault and its prevention.

You will discuss your tactics with the game team and communicate with your squad throughout the match to increase your chances of winning and receiving a rank boost in Rainbow Six Siege. You will have access to a wide selection of agents for both terrorists and special forces, and each character will have special equipment and weapons.

You can also follow major tournaments, because Ubisoft regularly holds tournaments for world-class teams, watching matches of which you can gain experience and learn something new and strive for the professional league yourself if you play well, learn tactics and shooting and constantly progressing to the rank of R6.

You will be immersed in a full-fledged cinematic project, in which bright events will constantly occur – some will like this dynamics, others will not, but many players simply will not forget it, especially given the opportunity to perform tasks in a special forces uniform.

Constantly think through new tactics and strategies, even if you are playing alone and analyze your matches – this will help you better understand problem areas and work on them to improve gameplay.

And in the end – just enjoy the process and bright events, and if you feel that today is simply not your day, then do not be persistent, but exit the game and rest, and when you feel the heat again, return to Rainbow Six Siege.

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