What Jony Ive Has Brought to Apple’s Design Philosophy

Many of us associate very particular design elements with Apple. We see them every time we pick up an iPhone or iPad, walk into an Apple Store, or see the packaging of a brand new Apple product. Minimalism is the anchor of many of these elements – and that is largely due to the influence of Apple’s recently-appointed Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive.

The British-born designer first joined Apple in the 1990s – and, in collaboration with recently appointed CEO Steve Jobs, developed design motifs that Apple continue to be strongly associated with even today. Ive helped to bring a more streamlined look to Mac computers, and this approach was also taken with the designs of the iPod, iPhone and iPad – all products initially launched during his time at Apple.

The minimalist style has, over time, been extended to Apple Retail Stores, the company’s yet-to-be-completed new Cupertino campus and even iOS, starting with the hugely redesigned iOS 7 released in 2013. We wish that we could tell you much more about the vital Ive factor in Apple design, and we can – in the issue of AppleMagazine available right now.

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