What you need to know about CarPlay on iOS 16


CarPlay has changed the way consumers travel around town and use their vehicles.

Powered by iOS, CarPlay allows iPhone users to plug in their devices to their cars and have an Apple-powered user interface pop-up to cover everything from Apple Maps and Apple Music to Podcasts and Radio Stations.

With iOS 16, CarPlay is set to become even more valuable – here’s what you need to know about the upcoming changes!

Multiple screen support

Perhaps one of the most exciting announcements about the new CarPlay is that users will be able to control multiple screens for the first time. As automobile manufacturers invest more in screens on their dashboards, Apple is working on ways to maximize their use of them and ensure a truly seamless and integrated experience. “CarPlay will be able to provide content for multiple screens within the vehicle, creating an experience that is unified and consistent,” Apple says.


It offers deeper integration

Another benefit to the new CarPlay is that it offers deep integration – for the first time, users will be able to control radio stations on the default car interface and change the climate directly through CarPlay. Apple will also render the speed, fuel level, temperature, and more on the instrument cluster for the first time.

Apple says that iOS users will be able to personalize their driving experience by choosing different gauge cluster designs, and new widgets will be introduced to make driving even more convenient.


It won’t be available immediately

What’s disappointing to hear about the new CarPlay, though, is that it won’t be available immediately. “More information about the next generation of CarPlay will be shared in the future, and vehicles will start to be announced late next year,” Apple said.

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