What’s In Store For 2017?

From Apple, 2016 saw the likes of the renowned iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which controversially without the 3.5mm headphone jack paved the way to the revolutionary AirPods. The new MacBook Pro also introduced itself as a competitor on the market with its Touch Bar feature; generating an in-debate discussion. Not forgetting iOS 10 which incorporated 3D touch changes, widget support and also additions to the lock screen amongst a range of other new features. These were just a few of the releases 2016 offered, however given Apple’s reputation the line-up for 2017 could be better still.

The year 2017 actually marks the 10th anniversary of Apple TV and with this consideration some have said it’s possible Apple might celebrate this milestone with updates to its little black box. However this prospect merely remains hearsay.

As seen in September 2016 the second generation of the Apple Watch was launched with many internal upgrades and exterior features. It’s expected that the third generation is set to make an appearance next year and there has been wide speculation that the new model will add a front-facing camera to fulfil all those selfie needs. There is no firm evidence to suggest how much the new device is likely to cost, especially when considering the increase in models seen at the end of this year.

An iOS 11 software update is predicted to make its debut in the autumn which has happened in previous years with Apple’s system updates. There has not been many rumors about what changes can be expected but a more natural-sounding and improved Siri has been hinted at.

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A range of iPads are anticipated for the new year too, especially having observed that the iPad Air range could be coming to its retirement. This potentially leaves the door open for a new spot on the market for something even more exceptional. Therefore a slightly larger version of the iPad Pro released in March 2016 is rumored to make an addition to the line, even though it’s difficult to make predictions when iPad sales have been less fluid recently.

Far more products are being expected for release, however even though nothing is set in stone from Apple or as a result of the influx of rumors it’s safe to say that 2017 is undoubtedly going to be a big year with a pleasing range of new stock.

Written by Jennifer Waddell

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