WhatsApp is about to become a whole lot more secure on iOS and desktop

WhatsApp has confirmed plans to introduce biometric authentication on iOS and desktop.

The messaging app, owned by Facebook, currently uses a QR code when users want to use WhatsApp on a desktop, designed to link user accounts and add an extra layer of security.

However, the firm will soon make the process more secure so that only you can connect your WhatsApp account to a web browser or macOS app, designed to improve privacy.

For those running iOS 14 and later with Touch ID or Face ID enabled, WhatsApp will soon prompt you to authenticate using one of those biometric methods before you can link your account to a desktop browser or app. The only way to bypass this will be to disable Touch ID or Face ID on your iPhone, which will then trigger WhatsApp to link via the old method.

WhatsApp has been under increasing pressure in recent weeks after it was revealed the company was to change its privacy policy and share more user data with Facebook. At the time of the announcement, millions of users abandoned the platform and moved to rivals such as Telegram, Signal, and iMessage, but Facebook has backtracked on the change.

The new WhatsApp biometric authentication update will roll out in the coming weeks.

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