WhatsApp is now onboard with one of iOS 15’s latest features

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps on the iPhone, has now received a new update in line with the recent software update of iOS 15. WhatsApp version 22.2.75 is now available for download from the App Store. The new update called Focus Mode will add support for new features which will roll out in the coming weeks. 

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 WhatsApp’s top feature will undoubtedly be the new Focus Mode which has grabbed so much attention in recent months. With the new update installed, people will be able to see group and profile photos in notifications as well. Using the Focus mode, people can also now see through your do-not-disturb wall of silence. The Focus Mode will definitely be loved by some and disregarded by others while some also see the feature as being too overcomplicated.

iPhone Focus Mode iOS 15

This latest update will also add support for pausing and resuming your voice messages. That will be greatly loved by people who leave long messages for their friends and family. With the new feature, you can simply swipe up to lock a recording, and then press either the ‘pause’ or ‘resume’ button. 

These features are expected to roll out in the following weeks. 

Users who already have WhatsApp installed will be able to download the new update now while people who will be downloading WhatsApp for the first time can go and download it from the App Store free of charge. 

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