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WhatsApp Messenger Finally Optimized for iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus

A new update for WhatsApp Messenger has been released. The long-awaited update means that the app is now optimized for Apple’s sizeable new handsets. This means that more content can be seen by users of the Facebook-owned app. The update didn’t take quite as long to reach iPhone owners as the iOS 7 redesign, which was released three months after the operating system was updated.

WhatsApp Messenger was also updates earlier this month to show that messages had been read by their recipients, whereas users could only find out whether messages had been delivered previously. The voice calling facility users have also been waiting for isn’t due for some time yet, with reports suggesting that it will finally become available in Q1 2015. The delay is apparently due to various technical problems.

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging services on the market as it enables users to send free mobile messages. It can be used on iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia and BlackBerry handsets. WhatsApp have also enabled a new encryption systems to protect the privacy of Android users. The Android version of WhatsApp has been downloaded an estimated 500 million times. Technology firms have been criticized by various authorities who say that encryption makes it harder to identify criminals and terrorists, whilst others claim that the privacy scrambling offers is necessary to protect our human rights.

Here at Apple Magazine HQ, we’re delighted that this has finally happened!

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