WhatsApp starts testing Dark Mode on iOS

Facebook has begun testing a Dark Mode for WhatsApp on iOS.

As one of the most popular messaging apps on the platform, it is about time that WhatsApp supported Dark Mode and offered consumers an improved experience in low-light situations.

According to Reddit, the latest WhatsApp Beta Build released via Apple’s TestFlight now includes support for Dark Mode, working alongside Apple’s system-wide feature rather than as a standard toggle-on, toggle-off.

There’s no way to join the WhatsApp Beta Program right now, as Apple’s TestFlight only allows a select number of users for each beta test, but it could be that a release is just around the corner.

Dark Mode now available for everyone using beta? WhatsApp iOS from ios

WhatsApp regularly tests new features with a hand-picked group of users before deciding whether to release them to the public, and it appears it will with Dark Mode.

WhatsApp hit the headlines last week after Facebook dropped plans to introduce adverts to the platform.

Following widespread criticism from consumers, Facebook said it would instead focus on WhatsApp features that will “allow businesses to communicate with customers and organize those contacts.”

What that means remains to be seen.

The company is still working on Dark Mode for the main Facebook app, following Dark Mode support for Instagram and Facebook Messenger, but it’s unknown why the company is taking so long on an official Dark Mode for its main app.

Perhaps a WhatsApp/Facebook Dark Mode release is just around the corner, and consumers will be able to scroll until their dark hearts are content!?

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