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In August of 2020, Apple made history by becoming the first U.S. company that reached a $2 trillion market cap. Since 2010, it has been considered one of the most valuable companies in the world for an obvious reason: its products are extremely popular. 

To understand why Apple became so popular, one should look back at its origins and history. The company was founded by Steve Wozniak who built the Apple I and Steve Jobs who marketed it. Later, in 1977, the company got enough capital to build the Apple II, which drove the company’s revenue until the mid-1980s. The release of the Macintosh in 1984 was a leap forward for the corporation. Until 1993 they enjoyed strong growth and created a lot of new products, including laser printers, PowerBooks, Macintosh Portable, the Newton, and many more. Premium products of Apple led the company to strong financial results.

After some time, Apple Macintosh started showing signs of age and Microsoft became the industry standard. Eventually, Apple’s CEO – Gil Amelio decided to address some of the corporation’s issues by buying NeXT Inc., which was run by Steve Jobs, Apple founder and former CEO. Jobs was ahead of his time in 1985 and managed to launch the product he has dreamed about only in 1997. His iMac had a strong marketing campaign, which was key to Apple’s growth. In 1998, it was the most pleasing machine on the market with an elegant and user-friendly design. 

The iMac was just the beginning of Apple’s incredible success. Soon, the company released a set of products, including iBook, the iPod, the MacBook Air, the iPhone, and the iPad, that reflected the new focus on elegance and user experience. Since then, every product update from Apple is anticipated by millions of people all over the world. The triumph of the company inspires young people to work hard and achieve great results. A lot of students feel encouraged to find essays to read about Apple at Writix while IT experts enjoy reading books about one of the most successful companies in history. In recent years, so many great books were written about it that anybody could find something insightful to their taste. You can consider some of them below!

Walter Isaacson ‘Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography of Steve Jobs was based on numerous interviews with him and his family members, friends, competitors, and colleagues. The book offers a riveting story of the roller-coaster life and powerful personality of one of the most creative entrepreneurs of all time. Steve Jobs’ passion for perfection revolutionized different industries, including PCs, animated movies, phones, music, and digital publishing. Isaacson’s book impressed millions of readers with Job’s ability to connect creativity with technology. He managed to create a company that combined leaps of the imagination with extraordinary feats of engineering.

Andy Hertzfeld ‘Revolution in the Valley’

This book is made up of stories over a time-line from August 1979 to May 1985. It is full of amazing anecdotes, technical bits and pieces, and lots of photographs, so it can’t be boring for anyone.  As an insider, the author describes Apple’s history from its inception as an underground skunkworks project in 1979 to its first triumph in 1984. Andy Hertzfeld was a member of the team that built the Macintosh system software, so he managed to explain in detail the creation of the groundbreaking Macintosh. In general, Revolution in the Valley gives an insight into what it is like to be at the birth of the PC revolution.

Ken Segall ‘Insanely Simple

Anybody knows that simplicity was a kind of religion of Steve Jobs. And it’s not just a design principle, but also a value. This is exactly what separates Apple from other big technology companies. Steve Jobs got rid of complexity and adopted simplicity in everything. Ken Segall shared his views and participated in creating such critical Apple marketing campaigns as Think different as a creative director. The author of Insanely Simple had a unique perspective which he shared in his book. It explains to the readers how simplicity helped Apple perform better and faster as well as saved millions.

Max Chafkin ‘Design Crazy

Apple is considered to be a pathologically secretive company despite the fact that it’s one of the most successful and influential companies of our time. But this book shares the remarkable story of Apple told by people who worked alongside Steve Jobs. You can read about Apple’s groundbreaking products that were created at the intersection of the latest technology and innovative design as well as its catastrophic failures. Design Crazy explains how the philosophy of Jobs and his team ultimately changed the world. Max Chafkin spent months interviewing more than 50 former Apple insiders who revealed how the design evolved at the company that “taught the world taste.”

Final thoughts

The books reviewed above are a great source of inspiration, knowledge, lifestyle hacks, and even essay topics for students studying technology or design. If you want to learn more about the history of one of the most successful corporations of all time, you will definitely find all the answers to your questions about Apple on the pages of the mentioned books. 

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