Where to trade in your iPhone 4S

There is no doubt that the anticipation of tomorrow’s next generation iPhone announcement is huge. If you are looking to trade in your old iPhone then you need to do so right away. Here are the best places to try and make some money off your old device while time is ticking.

1. Ebay

Value: $309-$400

This trusty bidding site has been around for a long time, but still works really well. There are really two ways to move your hardware on ebay: one, starting an auction and two, setting a buy-it-now price. With time being of the essence and most auctions ending below $400 right now, I would advise going straight for the buy-it-now option and putting your iPhone 4S up for around $325.

2. Amazon


Amazon is giving out Amazon gift certificates in exchange for your phone. $405 does sound really nice, but this is only if your phone is in absolute mint condition and you’re willing to trade your charger too. The average amount Amazon is giving out is around $335 for average condition devices.

3. RadioShack

Value: $73-$250

RadioShack is the no-hassle option right now. They will give you $250 for your phone, only if it’s in perfect condition. For those of us who are less careful with our devices (put it through a spin cycle or two), you will get $73. You can take this offer up by visiting your local RadioShack or mailing the phone to them.

4. GazelleBuy My TronicsGlyde

Value: $37-$365

These are the riskier options, but easier options in my point of view. The only work you are putting in here is going to one of these sites and getting an estimate of your phone’s worth. Once that is completed, you mail it in, and they mail you a check for the phone’s worth. You need to be very careful and compare these sites; the amount given out fluctuates often.

Source: Gizmodo.com

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