Why the Apple Store Experience is So Unique and Special

Why the Apple Store Experience is So Unique and Special

With so many new Apple products having hit the market in recent weeks, you have likely already been reminded lately of the amazing experience that your local Apple Store offers. But what exactly makes that experience a cut above the norm, and difficult for rival companies to replicate?

The sheer quality of the iOS devices and Macs adorning each outlet’s display tables is an obvious draw. However, we also reckon that Apple’s attempts to make the stores not just spaces for trying out and buying products, but also useful focal points of communities, has helped to make walking into an Apple Store feel like second nature.

So, why have rivals like Microsoft and Samsung tried but failed to make headway with their own dedicated retail stores? The answer to that question likely goes to the heart of exactly what makes Apple as a company so appealing around the world. You could also get closer to the answer by reading the cover article in issue #210 of AppleMagazine. That issue is out tomorrow through our app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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