Will Apple TV+’s Foundation Series Get a Third Season? The variety of different genres of shows that we can watch on Apple TV+ is one of its biggest strengths, but could the success of its most popular shows help to change how we view certain genres?

Foundation Apple TV+
Foundation Apple TV+ Series | Isaac Asimov

The Foundation series showing just now might be a good example of how success on Apple TV+ can generate wider interest in science fiction and fans are already wondering whether a third season will be made.

Science Fiction in Popular Culture

A Trip to the Moon is a film from the start of the 20th century that’s widely thought of as being the first sci-fi movie. The genre has enjoyed several periods of mainstream popularity, such as when Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind were released in the 1970s. More recently, filmmakers have carried on with massive franchises such as Star Wars and Avatar, where viewers can immerse themselves in the carefully-created alien worlds over several films.

Foundation Apple TV+ Series | Isaac Asimov

We can also see how sci-fi has filtered into other areas of the entertainment industry. This list of Slingo bingo games provides a good example, with the Starburst title that adds an outer-space feel to the basic set-up. This means that sci-fi is represented alongside other popular themes such as fishing and sports. A look at the slots on the same site reveals titles like Cloud Corsairs and Cosmic Cash, with developers using the latest technology to get increasingly creative with the themes they select.

In terms of TV shows, classics such as Star Trek have helped to define the genre. However, we’ve also seen interesting twists that have taken sci-fi in new directions, such as Apple TV+’s Hello Tomorrow! Set in a retro-futuristic world and with the idea of lunar timeshare salesmen, it gives the writers the chance to explore a different kind of sci-fi theme.

Hello Tomorrow | Apple TV+ Show

What is Foundation About?

This series is based on a collection of seven interrelated Foundation books written by Isaac Asimov, who also wrote I, Robot along with many other books. He is known for writing in the hard science fiction genre since his books are largely based on scientific facts. Foundation has been mentioned as being hugely influential by psychologist Martin Seligman as well as Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman and entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The series covers the same concept as the books, with a group of characters who try to save the Galactic Empire from falling into terminal decay. Jared Harris and Lee Pace are among the main actors and the first season which was released in 2021 received positive reviews, meaning that a second series was commissioned by Apple.

The first episodes from this second season were aired in July this year, with the final batch coming in September. At the time of writing, the general opinion among viewers and critics is that the second season is better than the first thanks to an improved plot and better pacing of the scenes. The visual appearance continues to attract plaudits too.

Looking ahead, the success of Foundation and the wealth of material in the original books means that a third season is possible, with this TechRadar report suggesting that it’s already been greenlit but is being kept a secret.

Foundation Apple TV+ Series | Isaac Asimov

Asimov’s love for scientifically accurate writing means that it could also usher in a new type of sci-fi show where viewers get immersed in a highly-believable world that just happens to be set far from Earth and in a different time.

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