Will future iPhones have curved screens and touchless control?


A new report from Bloomberg has just been released hinting at some radical changes to the iPhone design. Two major differences would radically change the iPhone as we know it: a curved screen and touchless control.

If you had asked anyone to predict just how far the iPhone would come when the first model was released, very few would have guessed how revolutionary the phones would become. This new report is now predicting Apple will continue to push the boundaries of technology and make the relationship between users and their device as seamless as possible.

The report suggests the new phone would be able to detect gestures from fingers without the user actually touching the screen. It is possible the screen would also be able to detect how far away the finger is. It is likely this ‘hovering’ feature would assist the current way iPhones are used and it would not necessarily become the primary way to use the device. As the touchscreen is the primary way iPhone owners use their device, it is not surprising Apple is always looking to improve it.

Until now, every iPhone model released has featured a flat screen. Reports now suggest Apple is developing a model with a curved screen design. It does appear the new technology is only in early, experimental stages and it could be a few years before we get our hands on it.

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